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Evidence-based HR: The bridge between your people & delivering business strategy

Evidence-based HR: The bridge between your people...

A new KPMG International report reveals that now is the time for C-level and HR leaders to embrace evidence-based HR or risk losing ground.  


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“HR isn’t soft science, it’s about hard numbers, big data, evidence" – Harry Ross

According to the survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of KPMG, more than half of survey respondents (55 percent) remain skeptical about the potential of Big Data and advanced analytics to make a real difference to the HR function, even as CEOs grapple with regulators, customer requirements, talent, and the demands of the workforce. Yet, an overwhelming majority of these skeptical executives (82 percent) expect their organization to either begin or increase the use of Big Data and advanced analytics over the next three years.

HR has an opportunity to leverage technology and data in order to demonstrate its ability to deliver against these issues. For the first time ever organizations can draw a clear line of sight between HR activity and business insight.

While the growth of evidence-based HR is gaining momentum, the report reveals this new era of evidence-based people management is by no means guaranteed – and it’s not just about the HR function. CEOs need to embrace and lead this change while at the same time demand more accountability from their HR leaders on how they are integrating data into their people management strategies to avoid being left behind.

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