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Tax Risk Management

Tax Risk Management

Tax authority worldwide are under increasing pressure to generate revenue, causing a rise in tax audit activities across all taxing jurisdictions and all kind of taxes. This pressure on tax authorities are also resulting in more investigations, larger adjustments and increased potential for penalties.

Be One Step Ahead

For any businesses or person preparing for or facing a tax audit, appropriate strategies for response and compliance are critical.

When your organization finds itself under the tax collector’s microscope, will you be ready to take control and manage the tax controversy and resolution process toward its best possible end?

  • What protocols do you have in place to actively manage and address tax risk to avoid future tax disputes and exposures?
  • Have you proactively and thoroughly documented your uncertain tax positions and your tax transactions?
  • Are you engaging with tax authorities in the most effective way?

Teaming with KPMG Tax Risk Management, we will work to help
lessen the likelihood of a challenge or audit before a dispute arises and to
resolve those matters that ultimately become the subject of a dispute. Our
practical, effective approach focuses on determining that your tax positions
are documented in a way that helps to mitigate audit risk.


  • We know the right questions to ask.
  • We help you choose and develop an appropriate resolution strategy. Regardless of the situation, we can help you to effectively handle your tax dispute.
  • We can help you reduce costs and save time. By identifying potentially contentious issues early in the process and developing appropriate responses, we can save you time and money.

When facing a tax dispute, experience counts.

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