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KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Program

KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Program


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KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Program

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 January 2017 – KPMG in Malaysia is constantly on the look-out for well-rounded individuals who would like opportunities to build exceptional careers and do work that inspires confidence and empowers change, both for clients and communities.

The Firm believes that having an agile workforce with cross border experiences is important in today's globalised world. With this belief, KPMG in Malaysia together with 3 other member firms in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, have established a regional scholarship program which will give the ASEAN Scholars the opportunity to experience working in different countries when they are in universities and early in their careers.

The KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Program was established in 2015, a new scholarship program for South East Asia students as the first regional scholarship for young undergraduates looking to get a head-start in their careers with a professional services firm. With that said, KPMG is the first and only Big Four to have initiated such a program.

Over the past 2 years, more than 3,200 applications were sent and through a rigorous process, KPMG Malaysia has selected 13 scholars from various public and private universities across the nation. Recently, the first batch of scholars have just returned from their very first overseas internship in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

One of the interns who did his internship in KPMG Indonesia shared, “It was overall a great exposure for me to have learnt the culture in Indonesia!”

“Spending our summer break interning in KPMG Singapore was one of the best opportunities we have ever had. It was a great exposure for us as we have worked with prestigious clients and experienced seniors,” added another two interns who both went to KPMG Singapore together.

“This internship journey was one of the best times of my life and I would gladly relive it again. I am so thankful to KPMGMalaysia for giving me such opportunity.” said two other interns respectively, who did their internship with KPMG Thailand.

As a KPMG ASEAN Scholar, one can look forward to diverse learning, development opportunities and cross-border exposures through a structured program.

In addition to these KPMG ASEAN Scholarship benefits, the ASEAN scholars who choose to work with KPMG in Malaysia upon graduation get to enjoy privileges for the staff such as Flexible Working Arrangements, KPMG One Week Off, a structured career progression, and the chance to participate in lots of fun corporate social responsibility activities such as the KPMG ECO-Dive Programme and KPMG SEATRU Volunteer Programme.

KPMG in Malaysia have made it a priority to build a culture that rewards high performance, nurtures talent and promotes fun at work at the same time.

“As a firm, we want to ensure that our younger generation have a more global mindset and are agile. Therefore we make it a point to go above and beyond in developing better opportunities by investing in them through the KPMG ASEAN Scholarship,” said Datuk Johan Idris, Managing Partner of KPMG in Malaysia. The application period for the KPMG ASEAN Scholarship 2017 begins from 6 February 2017 onwards through 15 April 2017.

To apply online to or find out more about what it takes to be a KPMG ASEAN Scholar at


This article first appeared in The Star, on January 17, 2017.

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