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All Eyes On Ascendant Asia

All Eyes On Ascendant Asia


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All Eyes On Ascendant Asia

Asia's Pre-eminent business and government leaders converged at the inaugural edition of the economic times asian business leaders conclave

One of the most important economic phenomena that our generation has been witnessing is the emergence of Asia as an economic force on the global arena. Over the past decade, Asia has been home to some of the world's fastest-growing economies and can now boast of major contributions to global growth. This clearly establishes the region as a predominant player of the world economy, with China flexing its economic might and other Asian countries such as India, UAE, Singapore and Saudi Arabia also demonstrating strong growth. As such, the region's ascendancy in the global economy is likely to continue with reginal businesses making their impact felt worldwide.

With regional co-operation getting further established, The Economic Times brought together iconic upcoming leaders of Asia Incunder on roof at the inaugural edition of The Economic Times Asian Business Leaders Conclave, which saw theheads of the most successful corporations in the region deliberate the course businesses need to take as they seek to make Asia the business hub of the world.

This article first appeared in THE EDGE, on January 2, 2017.

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