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In recognizing the importance of audit committees, the Audit Committee Institute Malaysia (ACI) was created to assist audit committee members adapt to their changing role. Sponsored by KPMG in Malaysia, the Institute's primary mission is to communicate with audit committee members to enhance their awareness of, commitment to, and ability to implement effective audit committee processes.

ACI Malaysia engages in a variety of initiatives to assist audit committee members by providing a range of resources through its website, publications and roundtables all designed to facilitate the exchange of views and insights on audit committee best practices and processes, and other topics of interest.

The Institute has developed a range of tools to assist audit committee members in meeting their oversight role. These tools include:

  • Audit Committee Guides
    Comprehensive reference for audit committee members. It captures KPMGs insights into what makes a best practice audit committee and provides practical tools to help improve audit committee processes.
  • Regular updates
    ACI Malaysia publishes regular newsletters to provide audit committee members with timely updates on significant reporting and regulatory changes, and emerging issues.
  • Website
    Designed to provide audit committee members, board members, senior executives and other interested parties with timely access to a wide range of useful resources. ACI Malaysia's website provides you with a resource to help you to keep up to date on current and emerging issues related to governance, risk management, internal and external auditing, accounting, financial reporting and a library of reference material.
  • ACIs Roundtables
    Designed to provide a highly interactive forum for the exchange of views and insights on topics of interest to members of corporate boards, audit committees, and senior executives. We believe that the Roundtable will provide an excellent forum for a dynamic and candid discussion of the issues and challenges facing audit committees and boards in their oversight of risk management. Over the last years, ACI Malaysia held a series of roundtable discussions for this purpose. Over 200 audit committee chairmen and members attended the discussions which enabled a dynamic exchange of ideas.

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Publications, Surveys & Resources

This section provides a library of publications, surveys and other resources we believe may be useful to audit committee members and directors in general.

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International Sites

Since 1999, KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute (ACI) has been communicating with audit committee members to help enhance their awareness of, commitment

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Audit Committee Institute Leadership

Audit Committee Institute Leadership

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The Audit Committee Institute Malaysia facilitates roundtable...

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This section provides a library of publications, surveys and other resources we believe...

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