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Your Business Aspirations

Your Business Aspirations

At KPMG we want to give you a new perspective

on cyber security. Successful organisations are ones that embrace change, seek out new markets and invest in transformational opportunities. Cyber security is about enabling you to do this with confidence.

That's why we believe cyber security is about what you can do - not what you can’t .

How we can help

Why choose KPMG's Cyber Security team?

Principles of our approach

  • Driven by Business Aspirations
    We work with you to move your business forward. Positively managing cyber risk not only helps you take control of uncertainty across your business; you can turn it into a genuine strategic advantage.
  • Razor Sharp Insights
    In a fast-moving digital world of constantly evolving threats and opportunities, you need both agility and assurance. Our people are experts in both cyber security and your market, which means we give you leading edge insight, ideas and proven solutions to act with confidence.
  • Shoulder to Shoulder
    We work with you as long term partners, giving you the advice and challenge you need to make decisions with confidence. We understand that this area is often clouded by feelings of doubt and vulnerability so we work hand-in-hand with you to turn that into a real sense of security and opportunity.

We are...

  • Award Winning
    Whether it’s SC Magazine or the MCA Awards, KPMG shines in independent recognition. Forrester also recognises KPMG as a leader in Information Security Consulting, highlighting our strong focus and ability to take on challenging engagements.
  • Global, Local
    We have over 2,000 security practitioners working in KPMG’s network of firms, giving us the ability to orchestrate and deliver to consistently high standards globally. KPMG member firms can service your local needs from information security strategy and change programmes, to technical assessments, forensic investigations, incident response, training, and even ISO 27001 certification.
  • Collaborative
    We facilitate and work with collaborative forums to bring together the best minds in the industry to collectively solve shared challenges. KPMG’s I-4 forum brings together over 50 of the world’s biggest organisation to discuss emerging issues and solutions.
  • Trusted
    We have a long list of certifications and permits to work on engagements for the world’s leading organisations.
  • Issues-led
    We are constantly enhancing our capabilities to meet heightened client demand for robust information protection and business resilience services. 


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Razor Sharp Insights

Access our thought leadership on the cyber security landscape.

Shoulder to shoulder

Find out how we collaborate & share knowledge through industry memberships and events.