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Securing the future of your business

Securing the future of your business

KPMG can help you transform

your approach to cyber security, providing the expertise, support and challenge to help you cut through the complexities of cyber security. We have drawn on our experience across many sectors and clients to develop a straightforward, but effective layered approach to achieving cyber security.

We focus our approach on making best use of an organisation's scarce resources. We start at the beginning with a concept of secure by design, where money is invested early in the development lifecycle to achieve greater impact.

Building on solid foundations

By building strong foundations, we help you create the leadership, sponsorship and governance environment which is vital to success. Without these foundations in place, your approach to cyber security is likely to restrict rather than enable your broader business goals.

We can help you get the subject onto the board agenda – the right place for the debate on this strategic issue. Our cyber security leadership are highly experienced at engaging boards, audit and risk committees. We can help your organisation understand the reality of your cyber-risk, use this to set the executive agenda and put 'cyber' into business context. We then work to ensure ownership and accountability for managing the issue is clear.

Establishing governance, getting business buy-in and building stakeholder support really matters. Getting this right is vital to the success of any cyber security programme. Our approach to building stakeholder engagement and communications programmes encompass the business, support functions and supply chains. This allows clear cross-functional understanding, benefits quantification and clear governance for both improvement programmes and top down governance in the business as usual world; helping to deliver and embed success.

We will work with you to make sure your investment in cyber security is targeted, and that you have management information systems in place to track the benefits and impact of that investment. KPMG's advice is independent.

Most important of all we can connect you with colleagues, peers and experts who are also tackling cyber security, providing support and challenge as you take your organisation forward. Our I-4 security forum is just one example - a community of practitioners prepared to share lessons and cut through the complexity of cyber security.

Understanding what cyber security means for you

We will work with you to help you develop a broad understanding of your business drivers, the threat environment which is specific to you, the business assets which you need to protect, and the regulatory landscape in which you do business. All of this sets the scene for a successful cyber security programme.

To stay on top and have peace of mind, you need to identify ways to be kept regularly informed. This may be via the appointment of a senior internal champion, external sources or accessing existing management information more effectively.

Our cyber risk in the boardroom approach has been built to inform boards' understanding of the cyber threat landscape and make a judgement on the level of risk they are willing to accept and where they may need to invest.

To help you delve deeper we can help you undertake a threat, asset and control review - a structured look at the assets you need to protect, the threat scenarios which might unfold, and the improvements in security controls which may really help reduce your exposure. This is an interactive approach designed to bring your business leaders, IT and security teams to understand just what cyber security might mean for you as an organisation.

We can also undertake comprehensive cyber maturity assessment across the whole organisation to establish the level of preparedness and determine the level of information assurance. This assessment takes a rounded view of all of your activities to produce a multi-dimensional benchmark incorporating leadership and governance, operations, technology and compliance.

Independent of technical solutions, KPMG is then able to provide an impartial view on building a secure architecture, as well as benchmark against peers and share lessons learned from comparable programmes drawing on our global network and experience to give you confidence that you are making the right choices.

Embedding cyber security into your business

Cyber security can't be seen as separate from your core business processes. We can help you ensure your risk, change, vendor, incident and business management processes take account of cyber security, and work to reinforce and embed the necessary changes across your organisation. Cyber security is not solely for the IT department. Sharing and embedding this knowledge throughout the organisation to create a company-wide approach will enable the business to meet the challenges of the digital world cohesively.

Information risk management is more than just security. It requires privacy, information governance, business and IT resilience and continuity to work together for a common purpose. Our cyber security group encompasses thought leaders in all of these disciplines and areas of subject matter expertise to help you deliver holistic programmes that address real business risk and bring real business benefit.

There are tough challenges as increasing amounts of data are collected and transferred around the world across many diverse legal and regulatory regimes. We can help you design and implement information security strategies and information governance systems which allow you to do business with confidence across the globe.

We take an integrated approach to business resilience which includes cyber security, and can help you have confidence in your contingency and scenario planning, as well as helping you ensure your business is future proofed and able to be positively managed.

You can trust KPMG to help you understand your dependencies on your supply chain, work with your community to understand cyber risks, share information on threats and be ready to respond together.

Deliver an integrated approach which frees you to grow

With our help you are now ready to address and mature your cyber security capabilities, helping to bring out the best in your people, improve your processes and tooling, and engage in outsourced services. All the while focusing on freeing the business to grow, change and expand.

With a positive attitude towards cyber security, the company mindset is transformed to one of readiness and preparedness. By taking a longer term view and building for the future of the whole business – not just focus on IT fixes and short term reactive issues - the chances of success in the digital world are significantly increased. We have helped our clients transform their approach to cyber security, providing expertise, support and challenge as they tackle the complexities of cyber security. Our approach has been built to bring together people, process and technology improvements, to help you embed change programmes into the day to day operation of your business.

KPMG can review, train and provide staff at your organisation to help you meet all your cyber security needs – from penetration testing to incident and recovery strategies; third party supplier compliance and EU data protection changes; or media training to co-operation with the authorities. Educating and training staff in the new philosophy creates buy-in and comprehension at all levels and encourages the business to confidently identify and move into new opportunities.

We can offer support in the most complex areas where firms often struggle to deal with diverse and legacy systems. For example, our approach to identity and access management, recognises that it is not just a traditional technology issue but a wider business one. As a result, we work to address an organisation's challenges by delivering sustainable processes and technologies that have been designed to mitigate access risks and increase administrative effectiveness. These include ensuring users only have the access required to do their jobs, the maintenance and management of multiple identities across dispersed systems and keeping the costs of managing access and demonstrating compliance to regulators down. In this way, sustainable processes are created that allow an organisation to flourish safely and confidently.

Understanding what cyber security means for you


Understanding what cyber security means for you


Understanding what cyber security means for you


Understanding what cyber security means for you


Understanding what cyber security means for you


Understanding what cyber security means for you


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