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Managing your cyber security capability

Managing your cyber security capability

Can you demonstrate the return on investment of your cyber security measures? Are you keeping up with the changing threat? Do you feel free to exploit the business opportunities which are out there?

KPMG can help you tackle cyber security issues day-to-day. Our approach is based on a strategic alliance with you designed to provide the support, challenge and assistance you need to deal with this rapidly changing and complex issue.

Your business resilience and continuity is our priority. In a digital world that never sleeps the cyber threat is always present and so an organisation’s defences must reflect this. On-going attack detection, review of response capability and cyber simulation exercises all form part of KPMG’s core cyber offering. 

Our global security testing combines technical capability and reassurance, identifying whether systems are resilient to security issues and providing investigation and remedial action where vulnerabilities can be exploited.

As a trusted and vendor-neutral audit firm we can provide you with assurance that your cyber security systems are working well. We offer a wide range of audit and certification services, including of course a global ISO 27001 certification network. Our auditors don’t just tick the boxes, they can offer real insights on how you can improve your security approach. 

When you need support we can provide it. We draw on our global network of security advisers with a vast range of client, sector and technology experience. Their knowledge isn’t theoretical – many have been chief information security officers tackling these issues for their own organisation. We can also provide interim management support to help you transition, as well as augmenting your internal teams when you need extra capacity. 

We can connect you with colleagues, peers and experts who are also tackling cyber security. We provide support and challenge as you take your organisation forward including a comprehensive benchmarking service. Our I-4 security forum is just one example - a community of practitioners prepared to openly share lessons and help each other cut through the complexity of cyber security.

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