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Understanding and responding to the cyber security threat

cyber security threat

Are you concerned about malicious insiders abusing their position;

sophisticated attacks from criminal groups, competitors or nation states; or recovery from malware and intrusions?

KPMG has developed a proactive and reactive response to the cyber security threat designed to help you turn risk to advantage.


Our proactive approach is based on an objective assessment of your organisation’s cyber response capability. Through targeted penetration testing, controls reviews and social engineering exercises we review all your activities - not just the technology. ‘Red Team’ exercises are run to simulate an advanced attack against your entire organisation, to assess vulnerabilities in your internal and external threat detection, so we can guide you on how to configure your defences. 

It’s important to mention that preparing for a cyber attack involves looking beyond the technical response. We can provide your staff with training based on incidents indicative of those experienced in the real world and coach them in dealing with the media, co-operating with authorities, and complying with legal obligations relating to disclosure of customer-sensitive information as a result of a data breach.


We are available 24/7 to help you respond to a cyber incident. When a data breach occurs, we can deploy a cyber response expert (and subsequent team) onsite to facilitate effective management of identified attacks to assist your organisation’s in-house team. By performing an analysis of anomalous patterns we can detect existing attacks in progress and deploy network visibility tools, intrusion detection systems and ‘honeytraps’ to identify potential attacker behaviours and their presence on your networks.

Having identified sources of attack and problem areas across your infrastructure KPMG will work with your technical and security staff on recovery strategies. These include short-term ‘quick wins’ to help minimise impact on the network and to resume business operations, with a view to implementing stronger controls in the medium-to-longer term.

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