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2009 Non-Executive Directors: Practices, Profile & Pay

2009 Non-Executive Directors: Practices, Profile ...

The position of a non-executive director within the organization of a company is always a challenging one. In light of a growingly robust investor base, who insist that the companies they have invested in practice good governance, this publication is both timely and highly relevant.


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This study covers the top 300 and 30 companies on Bursa Malaysia's Main Market and Ace Market respectively by market capitalization, and it includes 1,804 non-executive directors.

The main highlights of the study include but are not limited to the profiles, levels of involvement and remuneration of a typical non-executive director. Ultimately, this publication aims to provide boards of public listed companies with a means of better understanding the position of non-executive directors as well as bolstering the quality of directors.

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