Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare

Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare

KPMG's Infrastructure, Government, and Healthcare (IGH) practice is coordinated to foster cohesion, consistency and an ability...

KPMG's Infrastructure, Government, and Healthcare (IGH) practice is coordinated...

KPMG's Infrastructure, Government, and Healthcare (IGH) practice is coordinated to foster cohesion, consistency and an ability to deliver quality professional services as we understand the inherent challenges in the IGH sector. We have set up a multi-disciplinary team, aiming at providing tailor-made and value-added services to our clients

Based on our professional resources and experiences, we provide value to our IGH clients in the following sectors:

Government and Infrastructure
Federal and State government bodies, Regional Corridor Authorities, Government Link Organization, educational institutions and physical aspects of infrastructure such as airports, bridge, railways, roads, tunnels, and water projects.

Transport and Logistics
Transportation of goods and people such as aviation, cargo, logistics, public transportation, and shipping.

Life Sciences and Healthcare
Healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals. We also have strong ties to our life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical devices practice.

Construction, and Real Estate
Architecture, civil engineering, construction, hotels, real estate developers, real estate funds and real estate services.


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