Kristin Teo Chian Li

Having participated on youth exchange programmes to Japan and Norway as a student, has sparked my interest to experience living abroad. I jumped onto the opportunity to take part in the USMP, and before I knew it, I arrived in the land of opportunity, immigrants, freedom, burgers, steaks, bears…you name it. In case you are wondering, I was posted to the oil and gas hub of the States, Houston, in the cowboy state of Texas.

One of the key takeaway from this rotation programme, is the special friendship and bonds formed with people from different background, culture and countries. Various road trips and vacations with these crazy bunch of people were some of the most exciting and memorable moments in my life.

Did I experience culture shock? Absolutely! I learned it the hard way that most of the time, whenever people (or strangers) ask “hey, how’s it goin’?”, he or she is not really interested to know how your day went by. On rare circumstances, before I could even say a thing, the person walked away... Oh well, life goes on.

Living abroad makes me appreciate little things in life, from warm sunny days, to a plate of indomee goreng (tambah telur) at mamak at 1am. I am grateful for the opportunity given to share with the rest of the world on how awesome Malaysia is!

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