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Japanese Investment in Mexico

Japanese Investment in Mexico

Japan has historically been an important source of foreign investment for the Mexican economy for the last few decades and has grown 335% since 2009.



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This level of growth in the Japanese investment requires a deep knowledge of the current applicable legislation in Mexico and the best recognized business practices in order to properly and effectively conduct business in the country.


There are many specific and unique characteristics in the Mexican systems and rules regarding accounting, tax and labor, etc., for Japanese companies. Especially, there are many cases of differences between the Mexican and Japanese tax systems. Japanese companies investing in Mexico must consider these points carefully.


In this free publication, we analize:


  • Sectors of the economy where the investment has been placed
  • Why invest and manufacture in Mexico?
  • Mexico’s geographical zones receiving the Japanese investment and number of Japanese companies in Mexico
  • Why decentralize production from Japan?
  • Structural Reforms in Mexico
  • Characteristics of the Mexican tax system for Japanese companies
  • How can KPMG help Japanese companies to do business in Mexico 


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