Video: KPMG Peer Bank | KPMG | Malta
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Video: KPMG Peer Bank

Video: KPMG Peer Bank

Peer analysis can reveal areas of weakness, where a bank may need to be ready for conversations with its supervisor.


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Regulators and Supervisors across Europe have access to a broad set of data and are using it to evaluate the soundness of banks. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for banks to understand where they stand relative to their peers in order to be ready for conversations with bank supervisors.

KPMG Peer Bank is a benchmarking tool that offers varying levels of analysis for banks to understand their position among peers. The tool has been populated with data from the recent EBA stress test and transparency exercise and offers a platform to benchmark across four key areas: Country comparison, EU Comparison, Peer group (cluster) comparison, and trend analysis.

In this video, we consider various scenarios for three different banks, and how KPMG Peer Bank can be used to help management understand key ratios and indicators that may be of interest to supervisors.

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