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Technology 2020 - the future of financial services is with us

KPMG's Biennial Financial Services Conference

9 November 2017, 8:15AM - 5:00PM, CET

As financial services providers are faced with digitisation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, cloud-computing and Big Data, in short with Fintech overhauling their systems and hence their businesses, a conference exploring the issues surrounding the impact of Fintech on financial services providers would aim at generating debate on what the future will look like, what such providers need to do to survive, and thrive, in which manner regulation and tax will come into play, what clients are expecting, what challenges lie ahead and how to address them now and not later.

The whole market gamut from retail and wholesale payments to the capital markets and securities trading, as well as trade finance and transaction banking will be affected. Indeed, not only banks, emoney institutions and payment gateways, but all other financial services providers are caught up in the whirlwind of technological advancement, with Insurtech and the like being considered a tsunami rather than a wave hitting the financial services scene.

In which manners is Fintech a way to them achieving greater efficiency and in which others does it pose an inherent risk? How much investment should be made in cybersecurity? What choice do financial services providers have in determining the direction of travel? In which areas can Malta lead in becoming a hub for Fintech start-ups? Such are the areas the KPMG's Biennial Financial Services conference for 2017 would aim to explore and generate thought leadership about.


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