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KPMG in Mongolia

KPMG Mongolia operates KPMG Hotline, an internal and external complaints channel, to create a sound and clean ethical culture and provide the best service as a clean firm.


What to report

  • Independence issues
  • Accounting fraud and information manipulation
  • Bribery
  • Confidentiality violation
  • Unfair discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Other unethical conduct, violation of laws or regulations, inappropriate conduct


Enforcement of necessary measures

We will investigate your report promptly, and we will take appropriate action if it is revealed. We will reply to the informant. We will do our utmost to maintain the confidentiality of the informant and the contents of the information, and the retaliation against the individual of the informant is strictly prohibited and sanctions will be imposed in case of retaliation.


We encourage you to use your real name to confirm the facts you have filed and to take effective action as necessary. However, matters that are not directly related to above ‘What to Report’ or that are not based on facts may not be handled.


How to report

  • KPMG Mongolia Hotline is open 24 hours a year. (Tel. +82 2 2112 0370)
  • Cyber ​​Report (Fax. +82 2 2112 3570 / E-Mail.


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