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Indirect Tax Services

Indirect Tax Services

Understand the Luxembourg indirect tax law in a steadily evolving European context

Understand the Luxembourg indirect tax law in a steadily evolving European context

Adapting to a constantly evolving VAT environment – VAT is a major and growing source of governmental revenue in Luxembourg, as well as in the European Union. However, the appropriate understanding and compliance with the challenges implied by Indirect Taxes matters in a global and european evolving context, which triggers some difficulties in regards to the fulfillment of the VAT obligations of businesses or the response to ad hoc requests raised by the VAT authorities. Furthermore, companies are increasingly facing the challenges of the digital economy. KPMG helps you tackle the changes in legislation and to comply effectively with the rules.


We deliver a constructive and extensive analysis to each different VAT situation 

Each VAT matter requires a particular in-depth analysis and a personalized answer. This is where our VAT specialists intervene, by providing you with an effective range of possibilities, adapted to each different VAT situation. Their knowledge and experience will help you get the most effective answers, while fulfilling your obligations in good faith or when facing VAT audits.


We live up to our values

KPMG International has a comprehensive, robust and publicly available Global Code of Conduct setting the standards of ethical conduct for everyone at KPMG, globally and in Luxembourg.

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