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Innovation Support

Innovation Support

KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship (The KHUBE) helps entrepreneurs to RUN, FUND and GROW their businesses.

KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship (The KHUBE) helps entrepreneurs to...

KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship (The KHUBE) offer a full range of solutions for innovative companies, throughout the whole life-cycle, from incorporation to exit.

In order to operate the business efficiently and focus on what really matters, the Khube can help to RUN the company. Among other services, we help entrepreneurs to define their regulatory obligations, company incorporation needs, IP and HR strategy. Whenever the need occurs to rent offices and facilities, to handle administrative services, such as payroll & accounting and to get regulatory licenses – the Khube is here to help.

When it comes to FUNDING, for every specific company and situation, there are different ways of funding your innovation. Starting with public assistance options through private investors we guide you through all funding stages. When joining us, you also join our extensive network of venture capitalists, business angels and corporate ventures, allowing you to find the funds you need at a fast pace required for success.

If companies are looking for GROWTH, the Khube is a perfect place to uncover the ways to find it. We help you reaching new markets and exporting your company through our global network of trusted partners. The Khube will find the right person at the right level for you so that decisions can be made faster. We organize events and communication sessions where you will be able to expand your exposure and by those means your reach.

At the Khube we help our network of financial institutions and large corporations to better define their innovation strategy. By providing our partners with the insights on the global trends in the financial industry, introducing them to high level approach to innovation, helping with the innovation strategy definition & set up, we make sure that they will stay on top of things when it comes to innovation.

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