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Technology, Innovation & FinTech

Technology, Innovation & FinTech

An overview of KPMG solutions, services and strategies for Fintech.

An overview of KPMG solutions, services and strategies for Fintech.

To enable its clients to have access to this thriving pool of innovation, KPMG Luxembourg has created a department dedicated to guiding and nurturing innovative companies: the KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship (the Khube). Launched in June 2015 during the KPMG Plage event and involving a fast-growing number of members, the Khube aims to link together all the actors in Luxembourg’s start-up ecosystem, who are currently widely dispersed.

The Khube acts as a one-stop-shop: it offers services tailored by an experienced team of entrepreneurs as well as access to a huge network—the global KPMG network, together with that of our team. Beyond this, it also combines the services of KPMG and our corporate partners to be able to offer agile services to tech companies, enabling them to build and run their organisations, stay well-funded, and grow both locally and abroad. Being part of the KPMG Global FinTech initiative, the Khube has established connections with the leading FinTech hubs and global KPMG leadership teams across the world.

In this way the Khube is positioning itself as an innovation hub where corporations can easily connect with innovative companies and vice-versa. The entire thing becomes a cycle, as tech companies create disruptive products for the Luxembourg, European, and world markets, while corporations fuel this innovation by investing in it, and become clients of innovative solutions in the process.

All of this is possible thanks to the enthusiasm and drive of the Khube members, as well as its 100% dedicated team who are driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, and who also have a wide range of prior experience in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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