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Accounting services

Accounting services

Get more out of your accounting provider by combining the best of outsourcing and insourcing

Get more out of your accounting provider

KPMG Accounting Services offers a new system that can change how you do your accounting. In recent years with advancing technology, KPMG Accounting Services has identified an innovative yet practical way of moving forward together. Above and beyond our rigorous approach to accounting, we have developed new tools that allow the accounting function to be shared between you and us. Yes, KPMG Accounting Services will retain the role as the primary accountant however, the new technology allows you to take much of the bookkeeping in-house.

All your accounting documents anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally, what has happened? Key accounting documents – invoices, bank statements, loan agreements, shareholder documents have all been available to clients at their request and much time was wasted requesting and looking for them. With KPMG Accounting Hub, all of these documents are easily accessible via a secure digital platform – anytime, anywhere.

Further to this, you can now take all of these source bookkeeping documents and enter them into our shared accounting system. However, you are not left alone. KPMG Accounting Services will provide support every step of the way, from the start of the year right up to the filing of the accounts.

The landscape has changed so with it, we must. KPMG Accounting Hub will allow us to adapt to your needs and move forward with you.

Take a collaborative approach to bookkeeping

So, save time and unnecessary hassle. Have access to your corporate and accounting documents from any location, be it your group headquarters or while travelling. And prepare to share your bookkeeping duties with KPMG.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk more about how we can help you!

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