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KPMG Luxembourg reveals new Executive Committee and senior leadership

New Executive Committee and senior leadership


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KPMG Luxembourg Press Release 30-09-2016

KPMG Luxembourg reveals new Executive Committee and senior leadership

KPMG Luxembourg has today announced the newly revamped Executive Committee and Markets and People senior leadership that will work with Philippe Meyer when he becomes Managing Partner on 1 October 2016.

Senior leadership will be made up of the five members of the Executive Committee (Managing Partner, Head of Tax, Head of Advisory, Head of Audit and COO), the Heads of Markets and People as well as the Heads of Sectors.

Renewed focus on people and markets

The Head of People is a new, dedicated role, conceived to reinforce the firm’s focus on attracting and retaining talent. Philippe Meyer was enthusiastic about the new appointment:

“I’m delighted to have Thierry Ravasio take up this challenge and head our People strategy. We’re in a people business and our employees are not just a part of our firm — they are our firm’s past, present and future. We’ve done a lot to attract and retain extraordinary people in recent years, amidst fierce competition. This appointment is both an acknowledgment of the successful work done so far, and fresh impetus for ever greater heights in the future.”

In her new role as Head of Markets, Frauke Oddone will further develop our Sectors’ strategy. Heads of People and Markets will closely collaborate in their initiatives so as to ensure that our people in audit, tax and advisory work as one.

Reinvigorated team

Philippe Meyer, Frauke Oddone and Thierry Ravasio will assume their new functions in the senior leadership team on 1 October 2016. They will join three familiar faces from the present team - Emmanuel Dollé and Pascal Denis will stay on as Head of Audit and Head of Advisory respectively. Georges Bock, former Managing Partner, has been appointed Head of Tax.

Two further new appointments will also take effect in October. Fabrice Leonardi, former Head of Commerce and Industry, will take on the role of COO and Stephen Nye will become Quality and Risk Management Partner.

Philippe Meyer commented: “At KPMG, we live by the motto “inspire confidence and empower change”. This underlines our purpose – that we want KPMG employees to feel inspired, capable and powerful. We want everyone who works here to feel confident in his/her abilities to enact change and innovation in the firm. Our purpose is why we’re here. Living by our purpose we become “The Clear Choice” for our clients and our staff.”


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