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KPMG Luxembourg Foundation celebrates milestone of 1 million donations

KPMG Luxembourg Foundation celebrates milestone o...

and encourages the Luxembourg philanthropic community to keep up with international developments


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On 5 May 2015, the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation invited KPMG Global Head of Citizenship Lord Michael Hastings and Petra Penders from the Fondation de Luxembourg to inspire representatives of Luxembourg’s philanthropic community. Local as well as international NGOs and charities were challenged to rethink their contribution to prosperity in light of the upcoming United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The SDGs will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), aimed at guiding politicians and decision-makers in sustainable policy making. The MDGs achieved considerable success in reducing poverty and in other areas, however it is felt that the sustainability needs more attention going forward. The SDGs are therefore more precise than their predecessors and include other areas identified as critical for sustainable development. As such, they constitute the UN’s next step towards the future of society and the planet.


The success of the UN SDGs will largely depend on the contribution of both the public and private sectors. This is where philanthropy and philanthropists have a critical role to play. Introducing these international developments to the philanthropic community in Luxembourg is a first step towards raising awareness in the Grand Duchy.


In the context of the SDGs, keynote speaker Lord Dr. Michael Hastings challenged the audience to reflect upon how a sense of purpose can stimulate individual action and can also shape the attitudes of entire organizations. In this time of both challenge and opportunity, he proposed a radical re-think of the role of business and its contribution to prosperity.


“Whilst some of the MDGs have been achieved in the last 15 years, there is a need for further action and perseverance in the face of our global challenges. The answer to the question whether these much needed changes can be achieved is an abundant YES”.


In a second step, Petra Penders presented the current state of philanthropy in Luxembourg, and more specifically addressed the profiles of present and future philanthropists.


“We see the philanthropic sector growing, with diverse profiles of philanthropists. Some take an emotional approach to one or more causes, while others seek a more rational arrangement with clear measurement of outcomes and impacts.”


The event coincided with the KPMG Luxembourg foundation celebrating €1 million raised for local and international charities. KPMG Luxembourg actively contributes to a wide range of projects, both locally as well as internationally. Since its inception in 2009, the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation has donated an aggregated amount of over €1 million to international projects working towards the World Economic Forum’s Millennium Development Goals, including the eradication of hunger, poverty alleviation and universal education. In addition, the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation also supports charities caring for socially disadvantaged children and their families in Luxembourg and the Grande-Region.


The event closed with a “Foundation Day” to give the KPMG Luxembourg staff the opportunity to learn about the various projects which have been supported by the KPMG Luxembourg Foundation over the past six years. Employees could meet representatives of the 20 NGOs and charities currently supported by the Foundation.

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