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KPMG Luxembourg to produce 10,000 AIFMD reports in 2014

KPMG Luxembourg to produce 10,000 AIFMD reports i...

In 2014, KPMG Luxembourg will produce over 10,000 AIFMD reports on behalf of its clients, establishing the company as a market leader for AIFMD reporting. In a first step towards achieving this feat, the firm produced 2,500 reports for the 31 October first reporting deadline and delivered them to local authorities in Europe.


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AIFMD reporting is one of the services developed as part of KPMG Luxembourg’s Value For Funds platform, a suite of services dedicated to asset managers and employing over 100 people. Other services offered include calculation of Value at Risk, registration of funds, production of KIIDs and calculation of tax for funds.


KPMG Partner Vincent Heymans commented on the initiative: 

Our advanced technology is at the heart of our success. Together with our clients, we have found a winning formula that allows us to cut straight through the reporting process for our 10 000 reports, saving time and resource in all areas from client data extraction through to report delivery.

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