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KPMG Luxembourg brings street art to Kirchberg, blog style

KPMG Luxembourg brings street art to Kirchberg, b...

When KPMG Luxembourg selected creatives to work on its latest advertisement campaign, it eschewed the usual design channels in favor of a more grass roots option. The firm called upon Sader and Yvlo77, two established graffiti artists based in the region whose works have already appeared in the walkway under the Glacis.


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Natalia Oskian, Head of Marketing, Communications and Innovation, explains this unorthodox choice:  

“For a while now, we’ve been contemplating what to do with the yellow panels surrounding our building - currently under construction at Kirchberg - and thinking there must be a better more exciting use for such prime space. It’s our new blog that finally gave us inspiration on how best to use the panels. The keywords used in the blog are called ‘tags’ … and doesn’t graffiti also use tags? This little seed of an idea grew and grew and with the help of the artists we’ve put together a design that’s both pleasing on the eye and promotes Luxembourg to the many international passersby, frequently found at Kirchberg.”  

The graffiti stretches across 300m2 of panels surrounding the building and depicts the Red Bridge; the Philharmonie; the Schueberfouer; the red lion or “Roude Léiw”; and the KPMG blog 39, Avenue Kennedy. The pop-up panels will stay in place until June when they will be removed to allow the final construction and landscaping work to take place in front of the building. The graffiti artists estimate that over 500 cans of paint will be used to create the final artwork, to be unveiled in March 2014.

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