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Qualified Intermediary Alert

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  • QI Alert 2017-05: QI/WP/ WT agreement renewals, IRS final reminder of 31 March deadline
  • QI Alert 2017-04: Final Version of Form 1042 (Rev. 2016)
  • QI Alert 2017-03: QI, WP, WT application and account management system
  • QI Alert 2017-02: IRS Releases Revised Final Qualified Intermediary (QI) Agreement
  • QI Alert 2017-01: Qualified Intermediary (QI), Withholding Foreign Partnership (WP), and Withholding Foreign Trust (WT) Application & Account Management


QI Alert Issue 2017-03

QI Alert Issue 2017-03

QI Alert Issue 2017-03


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  • QI News - Issue 2015-04: Reporting Update : Information Reporting Penalties Rise Again / Recap of 2015 Reporting Changes for Non-U.S. Persons
  • QI News - Issue 2015-03: Reminder for QIs - Transition period for Joint Account Provision ends on 30 June 2015
  • QI News - Issue 2015-02: Review of Information Reporting Changes, IRS Filing Deadlines and Extension Procedures
  • QI News - Issue 2015-01: Extension of time under joint account option of QI agreement / New guidance concerning international data exchange service (IDES) / Singapore signs Model 1 IGA


  • QI News - Issue 2014-08: QI Agreement Renewal Deadline Looms
  • QI News - Issue 2014-07: Entities Are Encouraged to Obtain or Renew the QI Agreement by 31 July 2014 / Instructions for Form 1042-S re-released; withholding and reporting foreign person’s U.S. income paid in 2014 / Final Regulations on use of Truncated TINs
  • QI News - Issue 2014-06: IRS Releases Updated Qualified Intermediary (QI) Agreement
  • QI News - Issue 2014-05: Updated QI Agreement released / Final version of Form 1042-S instructions / IRS addendum to “online registration user guide” publication / Corrections to regulations on information reporting, withholding / Model 1 IGAs reached “in substance” with China, Guyana, and Ukraine
  • QI News - Issue 2014-04: Status of 2013 QI Audits
  • QI News - Issue 2014-03: New FATCA Forms & IGA signed with Finland
  • QI News - Issue 2014-02: FATCA - IRS forms, instructions updated for 2014
  • QI News - Issue 2014-01: Review of IRS Filing Deadlines and Extension Procedures

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