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European Responsible Investing Fund Survey - 2015

European Responsible Investing Fund Survey - 2015

This third edition of the European Responsible Investing Fund Survey, commissioned by ALFI, gives a snap shot of the European Responsible Investing Fund universe as at 31 December 2014, including the size of the market, category of investments and the domicile of such funds. It also highlights some key trends that will shape the future and discusses the readiness of the responsible investing (RI) sector to seize future opportunities.




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As investors display an ever-growing demand for RI products, emphasis is being placed on ESG matters and well-implemented responsible investing strategies and related processes. The RI industry continues to be challenged on the one hand, however, we also see great opportunities and product innovation emerging. The more important of these emerging opportunities and challenges explored in this study include:


  • What could an investor look like in 2030 and what about today's Responsible investor?
  • Who and what is driving the sector today?
  • ESG Integration continues
  • Is transparency evolving in the right direction?
  • Product Innovation – what is trending – green bonds, social bonds, circular economy, impact investing...
  • How is the RI sector poised to capture the opportunities and address the challenges that the future will bring to the investment management industry?


This study, commissioned by ALFI, is of paramount importance to obtain an overall view of the RI industry in all its diversity and to understand the key trends and evolutions that will shape the future.

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