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Luxembourg Banks Insights 2014

Luxembourg Banks Insights 2014

KPMG Luxembourg performs an annual analysis of the Luxembourg banking market based on the annual accounts data of a selection of Luxembourg banks.


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The report takes into account industry data as stated in the 2013 annual reports of the CSSF and the BCL, as well as the ranking data published by the Luxemburger Wort.


Luxembourg banking industry indicators

Find out how Luxembourg's banks are faring in the current economic climate with this year on year comparison of key indicators.    

International Nature of the Banking Sector

Truly global: this infographic explores the geographical origin of Luxembourg's banks   

Luxembourg Banking Sector Main Assets   

How do Luxembourg' banks' assets really shape up? Find out in this breakdown by counterparty, geography, nature and country.   

Bank CEO agenda

The world in which we live and work is changing rapidly, driven by a number of megatrends. Here we consider the potential implications for the industry.

Who’s in and who’s out?

Every year new banks enter the market and others disappear from Luxembourg altogether. This handy graphic shows who’s in and who’s out.

Top banks in Luxembourg

Where does your bank rank this year? Our rankings give you a breakdown of performance based on a number of key indicators.

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