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Private Equity Mook - Winter 2014

Private Equity Mook - Winter 2014

This edition of the Private Equity MOOK (magazine + book) combines a brand new SICAR Illustrative Annual Report, in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP, with our bi-annual private equity magazine.




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In the PE magazine, you’ll find a whole range of articles designed to help you meet several reporting deadlines and rethink your overall approach to reporting. One driving force behind change is PE investors, who increasingly desire more detailed and timely information to facilitate decision-making on investments. In a market where the balance has tipped in investors’ favor, we expect PE houses to grant their clients’ wish and put increased efforts into upgrading their investor reporting. A last but not least catalyst for reporting change is the AIFM Directive and its much publicized reporting requirements.

SICAR Infographic (PDF, 5,2MB)

KPMG analysis of the SICAR landscape based on annual reports, the official list of SICAR published by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”) and other related data. 

Going global with James White (PDF, 5,2MB)

This exclusive interview touches on fundraising, dry powder, Africa, “exits” and other global PE trends for 2014 

Focus on PE reporting, part I (PDF, 5,2MB)

David Nordlund gives an overview of fair value hierarchies and valuation techniques under IFRS.

Focus on PE reporting, part II (PDF, 5,2MB)

Best practice series around PE investor reporting. A must read for Limited Partners and reporting officers. 

SICAR Illustrative Annual Report

Our annual update in accordance with Luxembourg GAAP. 

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