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Big Data: The Future of Logistics

Why your current supply chain model may soon be obsolete

19 February 2015, 5:30PM - 7:30PM, CET

As more and more companies fight for a share of the global logistics market, the need for a competitive edge has never been greater. Could the strategic use of Big Data be the answer? 

We join forces with the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club and Polish Embassy to find out. 

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy Etienne Schneider and many other experts will join us to explore how Big Data could bring the value-added advantage sought by many in the logistics sector. Bigger and better analysis, improved efficiency and a more reliant and faster decision-making process – Big Data has the potential to shake up the supply chain and bring great gains for companies willing to take the leap. 

Hear from Industry Experts

A panel of industry experts will provide insight into how logistics, supply chains and all future decision-making have the potential to be transformed by Big Data


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Organised in cooperation with

  • Luxembourg Poland Business Club
  • Ambassade de la République de Pologne à Luxembourg



  • Journal: Big Data als Zukunft der Logistik (PDF, 141 KB)
  • Le Jeudi: Un paquet de données (PDF, 169 KB)
  • Wort: Le big data, moyen d'ajouter de la valeur (PDF, 116 KB)
  • Faire du Luxembourg un hub à valeur ajoutée
  • Delivering on big data


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