Managing Brexit : risk and opportunity

British business is entering a new era. Companies are concerned and need time to assess the implications. Businesses will adapt to the new landscape, but KPMG is here to work with you, preparing for any scenario and providing support in the months ahead.

365BREXIT – keep your finger on the Brexit pulse

The innovative data visualization platform provides live updates on the debate.

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Article 50: Now what?

The UK Prime Minister has triggered Article 50, setting in motion the twoyear process to negotiate the terms of its ‘divorce’ from the EU and the framework for its future relationship. This describes how the process of UK’s exit from the EU, will impact on not just UK Plc but global businesses, and what step(s) to take.

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Luxembourg financial centre takes supportive stance

Two months on from the Brexit vote, we caught up with the Luxembourg fund...

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Brexit – first reactions from Luxembourg

News of Britain’s decision to leave the EU sent shockwaves around the globe. Here in Luxembourg, we talked to two KPMG partners to get their reactions: Stephen Nye, a Brit living and working here, and Georges Bock, our Managing Partner.

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Brexit Boardroom Questions

The next best thing to having all the right answers is being able to ask the right...

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KPMG Brexit

Brexit: A catalyst for businesses to reset their futures.

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