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Our Governance

Our Governance

The Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of applying best practice in regard to the management and the operations of the Foundation and therefore has adopted a Code of Conduct and principles to ensure governance and transparency

Staff Selection Committee
The Board of Directors of the Foundation is advised by the Staff Selection Committee which is made up of approximately ten staff members and two members of the Board. The Staff Selection Committee is responsible for reviewing projects and submitting a proposed budget to the Board of Directors for ratification.

Staff selected project
The Staff Selection Committee is to identify a short list of projects which they feel fulfill the mission of the Foundation and which would be significant to the KPMG staff. All KPMG Luxembourg staff will be asked to "vote" for their preferred project, which will then be supported by the Foundation for a period of around two years

Make it Happen Fund
Many KPMG Luxembourg staff are already engaged in the community giving their own free time and personal commitment to projects. The KPMG Luxembourg Foundation gives the opportunity to our staff to request a donation or sponsorship for their chosen charities where they are already committing time. In selecting projects, the same broad criteria as for external projects will be used by the Staff Selection Committee, as well as requiring a full application file.