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KPMG Luxembourg Foundation

KPMG Luxembourg Foundation

Why has KPMG created a foundation?

The creation of the foundation is engraved in our values as we believe that giving back to our communities is an important part of life at KPMG.

For a few years now, KPMG has supported projects in Luxembourg and established a policy to reduce its environmental impact. The foundation is a further step to increase our efforts.

The KPMG Luxembourg Foundation was created in Spring 2009 with an initial capital sum of EUR 500,000.

The Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation, is a separate entity to the KPMG Audit, Tax and Advisory practices in Luxembourg. KPMG in Luxembourg has committed to contribute a fixed percentage of annual turnover, in accordance with OECD governance guidelines, irrespective of the level of profit earned by the firm.

Partners and staff as well as third parties will also be able to contribute to the Foundation.