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Audit Based Services

Audit Based Services

Professional accounting advice is an important for making the right decision.

Professional accounting advice is an important for making the right decision.

Good professional advisers can strip away much of the uncertainty and confusion which can surround the application of accounting standards and reporting practices, and enable relevant commercial outcomes.

How we can help?

KPMG team of technical accounting specialists helps clients to understand complex accounting requirements. We are dedicated to helping clients reach the right accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.
Our accounting advisory services cover:
• Accounting in accordance with National Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS and other national GAAPs.
• Developing of accounting methodologies and processes.
• Advising on the introduction and interpretation of new and existing accounting standards, both Kazakhstan and international.
• Providing accounting support for due diligence and tax assignments.
• Accounting training solutions – this could be one-to-one training for senior finance staff or large updates for finance teams.
KPMG is also helping companies adopt International Financial Reporting Standards, providing practical support to smooth the transition.

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