Preparation of Annual Reports based on best practices

Preparation of Annual Reports based on best practices

Disclosure of additional information regarding organization’s ability to create value for shareholders and other stakeholders is crucial requirement of modern business. The most effective and efficient tool in disclosing relevant information is annual report, which provides comprehensive and detailed information in regard of organization.
If you want to demonstrate to existing shareholders and potential investors the ability of management to effectively respond to business challenges, changes in external business environment, provide detailed information on sources of revenue, potential for further growth, KPMG has experience and professionals in properly disclosing following information:

- Development strategy and business model
- Key value drivers
- Financial results
- Risks and opportunities
- Corporate governance and management approaches
- Investment and dividend policies
- Social responsibility

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Key findings of the Business Reporting Survey

The survey addresses the reasons why a gap exists between the key value drivers and the company's results disclosed in business reporting.

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