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Performance Management System Development and Implementation

Performance Management System

KPMG will assess the operational activity and develop a performance management system that takes into account all the needs of your company.

KPMG's HR professionals closely collaborate with clients to assess company's HR function, develop and implement performance management systems (including a Balanced Scorecard) aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

KPMG team will review and assess your operations and organizational structure, policies and procedures, systems and job descriptions to design systems tailored to the specific needs of your company and improve employees' overall performance.

We have a methodology that allows us to design the widely recognized Balanced Scorecard which translates into organization's vision and long-term development strategy, as well as provides for identification of performance measures from customer, financial, internal operational processes and learning and development perspectives. The result of the work will be a KPI-tree cascading for each level of the company, in which the objectives are aligned from the top management to the executive levels.

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