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Operating Model Diagnostics & Target Operating Model (TOM)

Operating Model Diagnostics & Target Operating Model

At a certain stage of development, most companies face a number of challenges: overcomplicated management structure, absence of clearly defined roles and responsibilities lead to failures in achieving strategic objectives, introduction of new products to the market takes a long time and costs rise faster than expected. The reason for this is a non-optimal operating model of the company.

KPMG team can help you to:
- evaluate the existing operating model;
- perform analysis of business processes to identify performance gaps;
- evaluate the organizational structure to ensure its compliance with company's business model;
- ensure a high level of co-ordination across functions to accelerate achievement of business objectives and deliver your growth strategy;
- increase efficiency with process optimization and automation;
- reduce operational costs.

Target operating model prepared by our team of professionals will help to increase revenue, efficiency and productivity of your company.

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