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Performance Measurement (KPIs) and Reporting

Performance Measurement (KPIs) and Reporting

KPI system developed by KPMG will improve the efficiency of managing your company and will contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives.

Lack of transparency in an company can lead to inability of a company to steer its business on operational level. In order to increase transparency, the KPI system should be integrated into the company's processes.

KPMG has a methodology and experience necessary for developing the KPI system. Our team can help you to:
- determine your company's cost structure;
- develop a KPI-tree;
- provide support during the integration of KPIs into the business processes;
- conduct benchmarking analysis;
- provide recommendations for the areas of improvement;
- assess the level of acceptance and implementation of KPIs in your company;
- redesign KPIs to ensure their alignment with your current strategy.

KPMG has all necessary capabilities and knowledge to improve effectiveness of managing your company's business.

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