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Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Over-complexity and lack of transparency in a company leads to inability of the management to control the business effectively. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management tool that provides a clear picture of the organization's health. It looks at financial, customer, internal business processes and growth aspects of your company and provides clear measures for effective steering of your organization.

KPMG in Kazakhstan can assist you in successful development of the Balanced Scorecard tailored specifically for the needs of your organization or help to make your existing BSC stronger.

We will help you to:
- analyze the strategy;
- conduct performance analysis and identify performance gaps;
- assess an existing KPI system;
- cascade KPIs from strategy level to operational level;
- develop an IT dashboard to support your data collection and control functions.

KPMG team has all resources and capabilities necessary for a successful Balanced Scorecard implementation.

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