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System selection means work style selection

System selection means work style selection

CIO Challenges versus CIO Environment, Business and Operations AS-IS

CIO is persistently under controversial conditions that demand to
— Create business value having non-aligned vision, strategy and targets between business and IT
— Navigate business change possessing stagnant IT, not ready to support and accommodate change
— Optimize IT investments when IT landscape is highly dependent on vendors and suppliers
— Transform IT capabilities enduring lack of resources for transformation
— Deliver IT with confidence having poor service reliability and unsatisfactory performance measuring
KPMG is ready with solutions, able to address all challenges and consult for transformation of current immature IT environment in constructive way through agile approach and scalable framework developing and delivering.

System selection means work style selection

System selection could have a crucial effect for the whole enterprise. Picking out the best fitting system could not only provide the capabilities delivering, but also unwrap the hidden value by changing the work style, shortening business processes cycle length, raising the employees’ motivation by eliminating mess in working environments. System selection services would include:
— carrying out interviews with the key stakeholders with purpose of business objectives understanding and functional and technical requirements definition;
— a long list of possible solutions definition, according to the technical and functional requirements, specified for capabilities implementation;
— market research, best practices analysis, solutions benchmarking with purpose to shorten the list;
— short list scoring through thorough considering and multidimensional decomposition analysis of each option;
— working-out recommendations for the best fitting systems, implementation results forecasting and evaluation;
— key stakeholders aligning through the system selection options approval;
— technical specification development for the selected systems to be implemented.

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