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Enterprise Architecture as a capabilities framework for future IT

Enterprise Architecture

CIO Challenges versus CIO Environment, Business and Operations AS-IS

CIO is persistently under controversial conditions that demand to
— Create business value having non-aligned vision, strategy and targets between business and IT
— Navigate business change possessing stagnant IT, not ready to support and accommodate change
— Optimize IT investments when IT landscape is highly dependent on vendors and suppliers
— Transform IT capabilities enduring lack of resources for transformation
— Deliver IT with confidence having poor service reliability and unsatisfactory performance measuring
KPMG is ready with solutions, able to address all challenges and advise in transformation of current immature IT environment in constructive way through agile approach and scalable framework developing and delivering.

Enterprise Architecture as a capabilities framework for future IT

Challenges and operational problems of scattered IT in organizations should be resolved through enterprise architecture (EA) development and implementation.
On completion project for providing services of enterprise architecture development (EA) a potential Client would get a framework for further growth that would provide:
— Business architecture (BA). Review and assessment of current business processes. Design, build business architecture on the concepts of optimization, effectiveness, agility. BA results are used for developing IT strategy aligned with business targets;
— IT architecture (ITA). Review and assessment of current IT landscape, organization and environment. Design, build IT architecture ensuring BA realization, accommodating capability for change, providing agile technological framework for future business demands. ITA results are used for system selection and technical specification development with purpose of implementation.
— IT management and governance model. Review and assessment of current IT processes management. Developing and establishing adaptive IT management and governance model enhancing best effort from EA adoption and architectural change management maintenance.

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