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KPMG Seminars

KPMG Seminars


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KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia is pleased to present you a Catalogue of Seminars, which have been tailored to the specifics of your business and focused on improvement of qualifications and scope of professional expertise of the specialists in various areas.

We fully realise that each company may have its individual requirements and preferences for training plans; therefore, we are ready to develop a unique program for each organisation.

We are delivering our seminars using different formats:

  • open seminars cover a certain range of subjects, are delivered according to the announced schedule and designed for a wide audience; 
  • corporate seminars may be developed to cover either a subject of any open seminar or in accordance with the individual program developed given the specifics of business.

Why KPMG? 

  1. Professionalism
    Best trainers from KPMG practice who have knowledge and expertise and apply thereof in their daily practice.
  2. KPMG brand
    KPMG delivers high quality services in all areas of its activity.
  3. High proficiency
    KPMG trainers have graduated from the leading higher education institutions in Kazakhstan and abroad and are holders of the special professional designations and international diplomas.
  4. The best practices
    KPMG practice in Kazakhstan and Central Asia is a member firm of KPMG global network; therefore, our specialists have access to global knowledge.
  5. Certificates
    Upon completion of training, all trainees are awarded with the certificates of completion. Our training center is accredited by the PAO “Chamber of Auditors of the RK”; therefore, the training hours during our seminars can be included into the total number of hours of advanced professional training.
  6. We are ready to help
    Should you have any questions after the seminars, our trainers will always answer them individually.

Corporate seminar fees and dates are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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