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Chemical industry

Chemical industry

KPMG specialists provide deep expertise to companies in different areas of chemical industry

KPMG specialists provide deep expertise to companies of chemical industry

The chemical industry plays a significant role in the world economy and have significant impact on key industries, including construction and agriculture.
Nowadays Kazakhstan is significantly behind the word leaders of the chemical industry in terms of production and consumption indicators.
There are some problems in the Russian chemical industry. These problems slow down its growth and lead to a deterioration of the market position:

  • the majority of companies operate old worn out equipment;
  • the Kazakh market lacks some raw materials leading to increase of production costs of finished goods;
  • insufficient reprocessing of raw materials to complex finished goods;
  • insufficient investments;
  • lack of transparency;
  • uncompetitive corporate structure;
  • lack of automation of industrial processes;
  • problems of internal controls and risk management.

KPMG specialists have deep expertise and experience that can be used to achieve high economic growth and bring competitiveness in world markets.
We assist in the following areas:

  • Capital markets (mergers, acquisitions, privatization);
  • Accounting advisory in the International Financial Reporting Standards;
    Tax advisory;
  • Financial management;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Operation excellence;
  • Supply chain strategy development;
  • Major Projects Advisory;
  • Information Technology;
  • Corporate governance and compliance services;
  • Risk management consulting.

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