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Children's day in KPMG

Children's day in KPMG

During the last month of summer 30 children of the company's employees visited KPMG offices in Almaty and Astana. The unique initiative called “Children's Day in KPMG” allows children of KPMG employees to spend an exciting day in the office of the company and discover where and how their dearest people in the world - moms and dads – are working every day. Our attentive colleagues told the children in a simple and understandable way what KPMG and its employees are doing and arranged a familiarization excursion around the office, prepared interesting logic tasks and riddles for quick understanding. They also organized a creative master class of T-shirt painting. And for children to have a long memory of a fun day they spent in KPMG, we presented our guests with diplomas and gifts. The children were in full delight from what they have seen and at the end of the day they were in eager rivalry to share impressions with their parents and with each other.

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