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Global Thought Leadership

KPMG Global의 보고서를 번역∙요약하여 제공하고 있습니다.

KPMG Global의 보고서를 번역∙요약하여 제공하고 있습니다.

[2017 KPMG CIO Survey] Navigating Uncertainty 
[Global Thought Leadership Summary] September 2017 
[Extended Summary] Preparing to disrupt and grow 
[Extended Summary] The Roadmap to Certification
[Extended Summary] The Pulse of Fintech 2Q 2017
[Extended Summary] Trusted analytics matter to CEOs
[Extended Summary] The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies - Part 2 
[Extended Summary] 2017 Change Readiness Index 
[Global Thought Leadership Summary] August 2017
[Extended Summary] Venture Pulse Q2 2017
[Extended Summary] 2017 Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey "Think like a start-up", July 2017

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] July 2017   

1. Future-proof Your Reverse Logistics

2. Engineering a Human Touch into a Digital Future     

[Consumer Markets] July 2017    

1. Changing the Paradigm on Customer Centricity

2. Future-proof Your Reverse Logistics

3. Engineering a Human Touch into a Digital Future     

[Industrial Markets] July 2017  

1. Trust issues?: Holistic technology governance can pave the path for autonomous cars

2. Test-driving vehicle cybersecurity

3. The Transformation of IT Risk Management in the Energy Industry

4. Engineering a Human Touch into a Digital Future     

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] July 2017   

1. Smart Infrastructure: Improving Healthcare  

[Financial Services] July 2017  

1. Securing the chain

2. Enabling the future of underwriting 

[2017 Global CEO Outlook] Disrupt and grow

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] June 2017

1. Risk or reward: What lurks within your IoT?

2. Supply chain fraud: A holistic approach to prevention, detection, and response

[Consumer Markets] June 2017

1. Retail Survey 2017: What consumers are telling us

[Industrial Markets] June 2017

1. Will autonomous vehicles put the brakes on the collision parts business?

2. Life with the jetsons

3. Winning in a transformed marketplace: A playbook for LNG businesses

[Infrastructure,Government & Healthcare] June 2017

1. KPMG Transport Tracker

2. Supply Chain Fraud: A holistic approach to prevention, detection, and response

[Extended Summary] Staying alert to stay ahead, June 2017
[Extended Summary] 2017 M&A Predictor, June 2017

[Industrial Markets] May 2017

1. REACTION Chemicals Magazine 22nd edition

2. Supply Chain Fraud: A holistic approach to prevention, detection, and response 

[Financial Services] May 2017

1. Ten key credit risk and lending challenges facing the financial services industry in 2017

2. Setting course in a disrupted marketplace:The digitally-enabled bank of the future

3. Strength in the Storm : Banking M&A Trends

[Consumer Markets] May 2017

1. See the future, act now: Predictive analytics turns insight into competitive advantage for consumer brands

2. Supply chain fraud: A holistic approach to prevention, detection, and response

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] May 2017

1.Driving Digital Transformation of Human Services Delivery

2.Through the looking glass: A practical path to improving healthcare through transparency 

[Extended Summary] The Pulse of Fintech Q1 2017, Apr 2017
[Extended Summary] Venture Pulse Q1 2017, Apr 2017
[Extended Summary] Commercialize to Win, Apr 2017

[Consumer Markets] Apr 2017

1. Robocalypes: Now? What the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ means for Retail

2. Capitalising on green governance in retail supply chain 

[Financial Services] Apr 2017 

1. The New Deal: Driving Insurance Transformation with Strategy-aligned M&A

2. Brexit: High Level Regulatory, Tax and Employment Law Jurisdictional Analysis 

[Industrial Markets] Apr 2017

1. Rethink Manufacturing: Designing a UK industrial strategy for the age of Industry 4.0

2. The Energy2Go: The new battleground for energy customer

3.The Reshoring Opportunity: Could Brexit disruption fire up UK factories? 

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] Apr 2017

1. The changing landscape of disruptive technologies – Global technology innovation hubs

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] Apr 2017

1. Foresight: When contractors become equity investors

2. Foresight: India strengthens its commitment to infrastructure

3. Reimagine public transport bottlenecks 

[Extended Summary] The truth about online consumers, Mar 2017 

[Industrial Markets] Mar 2017

1. The Network Integrator Journey – Part 1: External Forces on Utility Operating Models

2. Pharma Outlook 2030: From evolution to revolution

3. Platform Thinking in Manufacturing

4. Global Rules of Competitiveness Embrace GCC Chemicals

5. Defending the aerospace and defense sector: Closing gaps in A&D cybersecurity

[Consumer Markets] Mar 2017

1. Is it time to rethink loyalty programs?

2. Consumer Currents – Issue 22 

[Financial Services] Mar 2017

1. Cyber Insurance: Are Insurers Finding Growth or Looking for Trouble?

2. Ten Key Regulatory Challenges: Facing the Financial Services Industry in 2017

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] Mar 2017

1. Navigating infrastructure opportunities under the new US administration

2. Beyond Brexit: The Future of Higher Education – Jan 2017

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] Mar 2017

1. The road to growth in semiconductors

2. Data consumption patterns impact our behaviour

[Extended Summary] The road to growth in semiconductor, Feb 2017
[Extended Summary] Tech Risk Radar, Feb 2017

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] Feb 2017

1. Ten emerging trends in 2017

2. Reimagine public transport bottlenecks 

[Extended Summary] Ten emerging trends in 2017, Feb 2017

[Financial Services] Feb 2017

1. Blockchain Accelerates Insurance Transformation

2. Technology Risk Radar 

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] Feb 2017

1. A call to action

2. Powering a connected world 

[Extended Summary] Cyber Security, Feb 2017

[Consumer Markets] Feb 2017

1. The Truth about Online Consumers

2. Top Risks in Retail 2017 

[Financial Services] Jan 2017

1. Stress testing - A Benchmark Analysis of Systemically Important Financial Institutions

2. Frontiers in Finance 

[Consumer Markets] Jan 2017

1. The ‘New’ Consumer is Driving a New Type of M&A

2. Exploring the Future - Global Business Services in Consumer Markets 

[Extended Summary] Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, Jan 2017

[Telecommunications, Media and Technology] Jan 2017

1. Demystifying Digital Labor-The layman’s Guide to the Spectrum of Robotics and Automation

2. Security and the IoT Ecosystem

[Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare] Jan 2017

1. Brexit: Implications for Airlines – Planning for an Uncertain Outcome

2. 2016 Top Risks - Infrastructure 

[Industrial Markets] Jan 2017

1. REACTION Chemical Magazine 21st edition

2. Clockspeed-capable procurement: Five key strategies for  managing the automotive innovation ecosystem

3. Mining Reporting Survey

4. Your connected car is talking: Who’s listening?

5. I see. I think. I drive. (I learn)

6. Value Based Pricing in Pharmaceuticals

7. The Smart Factory – Risk Management Perspectives


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