Inheritance/Gift tax, Family & Business Succession Consulting

Inheritance/Gift tax, Family & Business Succession

With One Stop Service, Samjong KPMG handles family & business succession from A to Z and helps its member firms’ clients achieve sustainable growth.

With One Stop Service, Samjong KPMG handles family & business succession from A to Z...

The Inheritance/Gift tax, Family & Business Succession team of KPMG TAX provides one-stop service that covers beginning-to-end succession planning, tax audit, and tax appeal in the area of Inheritance and Gift Tax. Our comprehensive offerings and approach will effectively deliver sustainable growth for family businesses, including tax effective wealth succession and financing of inheritance and gift tax.


Family Business Succession Advisory Service

KPMG TAX assists to build and execute long- and short-term planning for successful succession of family business or wealth to the subsequent generation(s).


Inheritance and Gift Tax Compliance Service

KPMG TAX assists in planning for utilization of various tax advantages, report of Inheritance and Gift Tax, and tax audit. KPMG TAX also provides advisory services on tax appeals related to Inheritance and Gift Tax, as well as how to finance Inheritance and Gift Tax, including the payment in goods.


Advisory Service on Gift Tax on Unfair Work Transition/Shift

KPMG TAX provides compliance services related to Gift Tax on Unfair Work Transition/Shift, tax ruling request services, as well as helps to develop thorough strategies in order to minimize tax.


Other Tax Advisory on Inheritance and Gift Tax

KPMG TAX provides tax valuation service under the Inheritance and Gift Tax Law for unlisted shares, etc. as well as assists in the tax audit related to stock transfer, overseas assets, settlement of stock trust, request of tax ruling related to the Inheritance and Gift Tax, etc.

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