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Innovation Consulting Group

Innovation Consulting Group

The specialists in Samjong KPMG’s Innovation Consulting Group provide professional consulting services based on real expertise in the energy business.

The specialists in Samjong KPMG’s Innovation Consulting Group provide professional...

Samjong KPMG’s Innovation Consulting Group supports the healthy growth of domestic energy businesses and related companies. We provide consulting services on electricity, gas, alternative energy, renewable & recycled energy, and other public utility businesses.


Energy Business & Operation Strategy

We provide consulting services for mid- and long-term business strategies and short-term operational strategies for the entire energy business.


Laws and Regulations

Samjong KPMG suggests ways of improvement of regulations and regulatory responses to enhance corporate values from a business perspective, and conducts policy consultation for the sound growth of energy businesses from a national perspective. 


Business Valuation

Samjong KPMG evaluates the value for each strategic alternative of the energy business by taking into account the overall market environment and its underlying forces.


Cost Analysis & Public Utility Rate

The energy market is a regulated market where price is controlled by regulators. Samjong KPMG analyzes the production costs of the company and provides a strategy to set the appropriate price and fee system.


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