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Through its global network, experience and insight, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients in the auto industry overcome challenges.

Through its global network, experience and insight, Samjong KPMG helps its member...

The global automotive market is facing enormous changes in various sectors from the growth of domestic markets of BRICs to future growth strategies including green vehicle research. Such changes imply the growth potential of the global automotive market.


Finished vehicle manufacturers see their potential in green vehicles which meet the future consumers’ needs and the manufacturing technology and environment is being modernized at a rapid pace to reduce the time and money spent in the assembly process. Also, new forms of automobiles, such as connected cars, are new profit creating models.


Samjong KPMG accumulated abundant work experience through the global network with KPMG experts from all over the world. With this network, Samjong KPMG’s services assist clients overcome the challenges they face in the changing environment and capitalize on growth opportunities in the automotive industry. Clients’ financial performance can be improved and the risk can be reduced in various sectors including financial structure improvement, M&A, Tax, IT, and sales.


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