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Lulu Saidi

Market Intelligence Knowledge Management and Learning Associate

KPMG East Africa

While working as a presenter on a national radio station in Kenya, Lulu was made aware of the great impact communication could bring when coupled with the right information and delivery. “As a young African woman, I am hopeful about the great potential for growth that my continent has for me and future generations,” she says. Lulu uses her background in radio and her Master’s degree in Public Policy Management, to help the department ensure that the story of change and impact created by IDAS programmes is communicated well, internally and externally. Lulu has always believed the future of Africa lies in its young enthusiastic men and women who are eager to learn and relentless enough to build change little by little. “Working with equally motivated people makes me look forward to new challenges and new ways of dealing with them every day.”

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  • Nairobi, KE