Join KPMG East Africa's alumni programme

Join KPMG East Africa's alumni programme

When you leave KPMG East Africa, registering as an Alumnus of the firm gives you access to a wide range of services and support for your career.

When you leave KPMG East Africa, registering as an Alumnus of the firm gives you...

Together, we are KPMG East Africa people for life!

KPMG East Africa’s Alumni network consists of thousands of professionals from across private and public sectors and is a highly respected and powerful network of contacts. It’s easy to become an active member of this community and benefit from its collective knowledge.  

As a member of our Alumni Programme, you will receive regular newsletters to help you stay connected, invitations to our Alumni functions and access to KPMG East Africa news and insights.

You will also be able to keep in touch with fellow Alumni through our Alumni LinkedIn page.

Nurturing professional and personal relationships is an important part of life. Yet finding the time and opportunity to network and build strong relationships can sometimes be challenging. KPMG East Africa’s Alumni Programme is a convenient way to expand your contacts, gain access to valuable business intelligence and of course reconnect with former colleagues and friends.

Join our LinkedIn community

LinkedIn group for KPMG East Africa professionals and Alumni, to discuss and feedback on business, economic and financial issues.  Share your views through polls, tell us your thoughts on various business and work/life issues, participate in discussions and learn about opportunities at KPMG East Africa.

Be added to our Alumni database

If you want to update your information or be  added to our Alumni database, please e-mail us through this address: