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Process & Technology

Achieving ongoing corporate growth may require global expansion to open new markets, in tandem with improvements in operating margins.

Achieving ongoing corporate growth may require global expansion to open new markets

Although designing business operations that factor in the unique features of individual markets and maintaining flexible IT systems capable of rapid development is important, companies must not lose sight of the fact that improving management efficiency may also require the strong promotion of efforts to standardize business processes.

KPMG in Japan provides support from the design stage of business processes and information systems right through to their implementation in order to support the globalization of our clients’ businesses.


  • Business process reengineering (BPR)
  • Operational transformation support (change management)
  • Business continuity management (BCM) development support
  • Post-integration business process design support
  • Post-integration IT infrastructure vision
  • Outsourcing research and implementation support
  • Shared services research and implementation support
  • IT implementation strategy development
  • IT governance development support
  • Business process and IT cost optimization
  • Procurement process optimization
  • Large program / project management

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